Thursday, January 3, 2013


Glancing back at 2012 i see a canon roll onto the dust. 2012 left a credence of history for me, it will dwell in the attics of my brains as does the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of my body… the year was a long stride, at times dreary, at times incredible, a blend of triumphant and failed combats. But I was been driven by resilience and assurance that God will always see me through intricate times. 2012 was a year when I learnt to comprehend how it feels to be hurt – to feel hurt in its most violent wrenching forms… all I can say is that I met with adversity’s blast and got bowed to the ground by its fury… the 12 months were as hush as prejudiced jury. 2012 taught me a lesson that in life one makes mistakes, falls down but it’s the getting up that counts. Just like in base ball, you will get a few hits, but most likely you will strike out more than you will get on base. The solution lies in refusing to quit, in finding focus, in relaxing, taking a deep breath and giving it a good swing. In such times my spur came from Philippians 4 verse 13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…” My assurance is that a new-year is unfolding, like a blossom, with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within…

As my own inferno went out, it was rekindled by sparks from several people and this prompted a deep setting cause to think with deep gratitude of those who set ablaze the inferno in me… I might not be able to mention all of you by name, but all I can say is that I am thankful to all of you.

My heartfelt appreciation goes to my family, an eccentric looking band of characters trudging through life, at times inflicting pain and the solution to soothing it in the instant, loving, laughing, defending and trying to figure out the common trend that bound us all together. It is a pleasure to thank my all time friend, Hloniphani Sibanda for holding my hand through the things tht made me nevous.

I owe my deepest gratitude to my love Angela Nyathi for turning the most unlikely dream into reality... even at a time when the whole world seemed busy with their own lives, having left me in a lonely trance, I was assured reassured and confident of her undying concern for me. I am also grateful to my friends Suku Ndlovu, Ndabezinhle Tidings "Ezase Afro" Ntonga, Lwazi "Tshisaboy" Hlalani Moyo, Xolani "Sthapura" Moyo, Goodson "The Engineer" Chitsa,Lindelwe Ntonga and Trishula Daniel, Danell Khan, SaNandi Mlotshwa, Ricky Marodza and Morningstar Ncube without whose enthusiasism life would hv been an uphill task for me.

My earnest appreciation also goes to Macebo Sibanda, Meckyline Mellisa Phiri, Matroe, Dumoluhle Mayisa, Luhanga "The unpredictable", Bright Sagonda "The Pundit" , Nothando Sibanda, Vivien Makeleni, Faith Gototsi, beatrice Purity Mguni,Sheron Dewa, Njabulo Moyo for the unfailing help and courtesy I received during the year. I am also obliged to all my friends on Face-book for making 2012 worth evoke, you deserve a prolonged applause!!!

Parting short; A fulsome new-year, a fond farewell to the old… to the things that are yet to come and to the reminiscence that you hold…

HAVE AN IMPRESSIVE 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[Dedicated to Angela Nyathi for holding my hand and turning the most unlikely dream into reality]

In my life I have written articles calmly, unheralded and often in the middle of the night in elation, spasm, bliss or in a state of drunkenness. If honesty has to prevail then I have to admit and rightly so that as I am writing this one my heart is inundated with joy and therefore finding it difficult to put my feelings into words.

Amidst my state of bliss, I see a lovely lady tossing her hair as she steps into my vacant heart. With great esteem and love I welcome her. Numb I am for a while but gather the valor to ricochet a few sentiments, all I can say is,” Hail gorgeous”, with a certainty of love in the hand. As she saunters down the streets of Zimbabwe’s second largest city, all can’t help but marvel at such an angel, I can’t help either. All I can do is wearing a smile but my smile conceals some hidden tears, they are not tears of sorrow but tears of joy. A renowned writer once said,’ sometimes you don’t know what you want until it hits you.’
She is sumptuous with her love and has the aptitude to cosset my every whim. All that is needed is some pulsating time to connect, for they say affections are intense and emotions get cavernous as people connect. She has an affable and lovely interlude which cheers me up immensely. Her face is perfect, the nose at the right place, the precise size and beneath it well place is a pair of lips, soft even by the look. Her ears decorate her rounded head with her hair quixotically curled…. Her eyes glitter and are punctuated by neat eyebrows. Her skin is smooth; her smile exposes her snow white teeth …one look at her I get love-struck, cupid arrows shoot inside my love enslaved heart which bleeds desperately to hear her virtuous voice whisper into my ears.

Therefore to say she is beautiful would be an irony of the century. She is simply ravishing, immaculate, gorgeous, and exquisite, you name it. I can safely say love is mysterious and mesmerizing and when you find it with such an angel there is nothing better. The deep-seated question I am asking myself is; will my heart be able to contend this renewed up state of quixotic bliss. All I know is that God wouldn’t give me what I can not handle. How I wish he didn’t trust me that much…

[Compiled by; General S.R Mpofu – Freelance Journalist, Teacher, Human Rights Activist and Advocate for Political and Social Justice in Zimbabwe]

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Still births, witches and wizards
Unforgiven sins and disease
Infested bodies stray snakes and stolen court evidence
uncountable matchsticks and more than many barrels of flammable juices

Victims of political violence, thugs and victims of the AIDS epidemic
Voluntary life terminations, rotten corpses of soldiers who fought in borrowed wars
Blood stained garments from manufactured road accidents
And soul eating images of long gone lineage members
All in the funeral Palour

Once i saw a live human corpse and mourners screaming for their dear lives
The corpse was pinned down before being taken to the crematorium
Where his body was burnt to ashes reminiscent of the pastor's 'ashes to ashes'

My shoulders became heavy with life's meaningless meaning
Evil daughter beggot a bustard son
In no time the body was in the palour
As if the palour would prophesy about the whereabouts of the boy's father
Does a crippled boy understand the pleasures of a jumping castle?
Does a coffin purify or unlify life' violence?
The mystery of life and death lies between the two giants so says the undertaker
Afterwards he giggles blissfully like he has just discovered the great secret behind mortality

By General S.R Mpofu
(Freelance Journalist, Human Rights Activist and Advocate for Political and Social Justice in Zimbabwe)


His eyes are wide shut
His sight has been robbed by pleasure
Pleasure that is not pleasurable at all
To the little she figure veneered by the monster's seasoned body
Its all pain in the gains
Her vagina is torn apart too
There are few droplets of blood on the crime scene
The sandy soils of West Park Cemetery have sucked much of the precious liquid...

Its 630pm and only me and those resting underneath the earth witness this hair raising one-sided jewel
In the end the Devil's son zipped up his pants and left
I gave thanks to the almighty and the thick savanna bush for not exposing me to the dragon

I crossed Mpilo road - the road that passes through the cemetery to embrace my derailed sister
Together we wept till the heavens withdrew their light
Too bad she was deflowered....

By General S.R Mpofu
(Freelance Journalist, Human Rights Activist and Advocate for Political and Social Justice in Zimbabwe)


I have flipped through the rough pages of life for long,
Searching for the angel happiness
Its a wild goose chase whose small paths are rocky and infested with snakes
Salty waters and bumper harvests of sorrow
Questions of character and problems of priorities
All swim in the same sewage dams
Where only bewitched fish are caught

The mornings are horrible like maggots on a six day unclaimed corpse
Spout allover delivering sweet aromas of sadness
That signal Satan's successful days at work
Grounded grannies gaze and glide with gatholic giggles
But with no guts to gun down imaginary goblins gnawing their lives at the old people's home

Terrified teenagers take turns to take tranquilizers
To tone down tantalizing moments of torment
In their torrid, tedious and tempestuous lives
Elephant sized businessmen struggle to touch their toes
As their protruding bellies stage demonstrations against flexibility
Its a selfish world and only the selfish shall prosper....

By General S.R Mpofu
(Freelance Journalist, Human Rights Activist and Advocate for Political and Social Justice in Zimbabwe)


I am finding it difficult to understand the central paradox to the death of my grand father JLB Mhlanga who died at the hands of the dogs of war. Why he died before witnessing the dawn of a new era in Zimbabwean politics is a fundamental question which begs for an answer. To understand that, one would need to look at how he lived, only then one will discover a life that  eerily echoed the fortunes of this country. It is difficult to understand why this man who had so much to live for had to die. My grandpa's death left a big hole not only in my life but in the lives of the Bankwe people as well.

I was doing my Lowe Six when fateful phone call from a relative  came, informing me that my grandpa had died at Mnene Hospital, in Belingwe. I couldn't  believe the news and immediately proceeded to the bus-stop to look for transport to Matabo where my grandpa was going to be laid to rest. A lot of questions wrecked havoc in my mind and then i was too yound to question such things and i therefore left everything to the elders. It was beyond any reasonable doubt that politics had dealt a cruel and final blow to a man who had lived a life that made him a fundi in so many areas, and yet remained the epitomy of humility. It all began when my grandpa was seeking re-election as the Council Chairman of Mberengwa Rural District Council against Ben Mataga. Mataga couldnot stomach the idea of contesting against a well-known and competent Mhlanga and at one point swore that Mhlanga wouldn't see the next day if he challenged him in the election.

At the time of his death Mr. Mhlanga was already in a state of acute distress, walking with great difficulty and emotionally fragile. Death was starring at him in the face and everything he tried to fend it off had failed. What has struck me about my grandfather's death is the deafening silence about its cause. I know and rightly so that he was swept away by the murky waters of politics... I have no kind words for ZANU PF for taking away such an enterprising life.
Mr. Mhlanga's death triggered a host of worries and fears in me. I felt helpless and insecure.  His death  triggered the fear of me having to face life without him. He was my source of inspiration, my advisor and above all my mentor.

ZANU PF owes a debt to my grandpa that they cannot ever fully repay. I will always honour his sacrifice for the betterment of our lives as a family and for the betterment of Zimbabwe. All i have to do is to honor it in my  own life by holding the memories close to my heart, and heeding the example he set.

Never does one feel oneself so utterly helpless as in trying to speak comfort for great bereavement.
I will not try it... Time is the only comforter for the loss of my grandpa. Rest in eternal Peace Mr. Mhlanga!!!


Im not vindictive or self righteous, bt i think pple have explained a lot about me and i cant help feeling some sympathy for myself... i have been listening sympathetically and quietly at the tirades against me but i have to call a halt. Yes, pple have upset me endlessly with thir accusations and counter accusations. I think one time over a story is sufficient. Some pple have taken my problems into their cupped hands and held them out to me. Pple u have had your say, let me have mine...
 I have been so surprised by the unexpected ranting at me, i refuse to be a victim of emotion- i have chosen the sort of soliloquy maybe u will have the honour to listen... Iam not adamant to the pain and sorrow that the so called rumour have put me, my family and those associated with me, in. But i feel things have been blown out of proportion. I am 28 and i know what to do about myself and im sure i can handle whatever situation. I've the subtlest of all human skills - how to sort myself out of difficulty...
I have been able to listen respectfully to pple's relentless campaigns to vilify me, with esteem for my personality which is sorely wounded and rejected. I know tht with the same esteem im going to help restore my ego...

Friday, May 4, 2012


I hv elbowed my way to success in the teeth of a vicious self centered family. The tonic tht braced me for a life tht i live today was my embracing of Christianity. I do not view Christianity as an advantage bt as a duty which i hv to perform on a daily basis. It is this conception which mould me into a disciplined being.

Living a life based on Christian principles is not a condition in which i was born bt a streneous and exating enterprise which i chose by myself and which im going to persue with a sense of responsibilty... The past 28 years have been a long stride, at times dreary, at times incredible ...a blend of triumphant and failed combats...

During the course of the journey i learnt to comprehend how it feels to be hurt, to feel hurt in its most violent and wrenching forms...i met with adversity's blast and got bowed down by its i refused to bulge...after a series of close calls with death i found my solace in Philippians 4:13, " I can do all things through Christ who strengtherns me." I hv found peace and hope ispite of life's missing i celebrate my 28th birthday i see the unfolding of a new life, like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


(To Learnmore Judah Jongwe, a fallen hero of the struggle for democracy and good governance ... May his dearest soul rest in eternal peace!)

Through the GNU, the two MDC formations, the one led by Morgan Tsvangirai & the other one led by Prof. Welshman Ncube, have mastered the rudiments of governance, of administration and of building essential institutions.
They have been able to identify reliable leadership under severe and stressful conditions.
They have developed the mature skills of give and take negotiations for survival. They have mastered the intricate art of flexibility, of being firm when firmness is required and of compromise and reconcilliation when no strong held principles are at stake.
Tought and rough experiences have enabled them to dvp the ability to constantly distinguish and make a choice btwn primary and secondary contradictions and to act on them according to the required objective.
In other words they have developed that rare capacity to be able to stand the heat and make it even warmer.
The rare wealth of experience have been seen in the mould of the Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, the Minister of Finance, who became the prime focus of the media recently concerning the contentious issue of civil servants' salaries and the equally controversial issue of the ghost workers. With such a dark clould hovering over his head Biti has been unshaken. Minister Elton Mangoma have had his share of the tribulations, the same can be said about the minister on the Organ on National Healing Reconcilliation and Intergration, Moses Mzila Ndlovu whose stance on the Gukurahundi issue invited trouble for the Legislator. The MDC (N/M) saga emanating from the 'disputed' congress has not dettered Prof. W Ncube, i was going through the Sunday News dated August 28 - 4 Sept 2011 when i leant of the Prof's desire to have the Parly moved to Bulawayo if ever the gvt was committed to devolution of power. I also leant abt the Prof's fight against the de-industrialization of Bulawayo.
These are some of the most outstanding Ministers in Zimbabwe's inclusive Gvt, they are a unique feat. Your truly almost forgot the Hon. Speaker of Parly, Mr. Lovemore N. Moyo who almost lost the speakership bt won after fighting a battle of attention and intention against the Prodigal son, Prof. J Moyo.
Commander i salute you. What is left is for the MDCs to dvp a solid identity of purpose.
We need to see the MDCs who respect each other because each sees in the other similar qualities and traits which they themselves value the most. Such traits as honesty, courage, single-mindedness, organizational talent and administrative skills.
The reward is nigh!!! Aluta Continua!


(To my friends, Ndabezinhle Tidings Ntonga who encouraged me to pursue my vision and Stellah Kakava who kept me going when i didn't think i could...) 

I watched in despair as bulldozers mercilessly rmpaged buildings and people's possessions...
The beasts rolled over homes and left gadgets such as TVs, DvDs, beds etc all in shambles...
Sources of livelihood were shattered with some people remaininf with clothes that they were wearing...
Cheeks dampenned with sorrow ... but what else could we have done?
They called it Operation Murambabtsvina, but, i have to and rughtly so refer to this cataclysm as a manmade Tsunami...
With those loaded FNs whose throats had run dry because of their thirst...
I watched helplessly because all i could do was to do so...
Hearts were broken, dreams were shattered...
The victims were lawful citizens of Zimbabwe who became prey to the government's systematic attack on civillians...
Ordinary Zimbabweans who were survivinfg on honest informal businesses were left stranded...
The messengers enjoyed every moment of their errorful errand...
They had left mercy at the barracks to serve a government without compromise...
Policy makers had conemned the dark and dingy homes ...
Only metal brooms could do justice to them...
The people were forced to dine with lizards, snakes and mice...
Dreams became mere hallucinantions about those big houses at Selborne Park and Burnside...
How i wish i was born a Wayne Rooney... but no i was born to nourish the township...
But why did a government which claimed to be a democracy destroy a substantial part of urban housing...
It reminded me of what i read in the books about the divastating Second World War...
The state used organised violaence and toture against its own peoplewith impunity...
The world powerlessly watched... the magnitude of the crime demaned international response...
Where was Amnesty International, United Nations, African Union and SADC?
They only behaved like sweet mamas pacifying their deliquent child...
When is this going to be delt with?
Anyway was this not suppossed to be a matter of urgent priority even to the Security Council then?

(By Sheunesu Reginald Mpofu - Human Rights Defender, Policy Analyst, Free-lance Journalist and Advocate for Political and Social Justice)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


(Dedicated to my mother Kiratiloe Mhlanga, who has a gloriously non-judgmental attitude towards life)

Behind my smile is a hurting heart...behind my laugh i am falling apart... those who really know me will see that the man i am isn't me...

Ours is strange little band of characters trudging through life together inflicting pain and at some point trying to figure out he common thread that binds us together... i don't know whether to call it a family or what, because it doesn't fall within the normal parameters of one... perhaps there is a need for me to throw in one or two definitions of a family. the Free On line Dictionary defines a family as : " a fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children... this definition is not applicable to us... An other definition from the same source goes as follows, " two or more people who share goals and values, have longterm commitments towards one another and resides in the same dwelling place". Still this definition doesn't define us, so what are we?Confused cockroaches are even better.

At one point a had a strong belief in a family as the most important thing in my life, i thought my family would always love me no matter what, that i would have a loving and positive upbringing ... but alas i was wrong...

Yes! i have been angry with them and the anger has meant pain to me but it also meant survival... and before i give it up i have to be sure that there is something at least as powerful to replace it on the road to recovery and clarity...
Their greatest undoing was their inability to feel another's pain especially that of one's own... Yes! they were ans still are fighting a battle of attention and intention...

I now know the difficulties in the operation of a family system. For no clear cut reasons i was underprivileged in relation to living conditions, deficient in relation to psychosocial functioning and as a result propitious to behavior problems. Thats that!

I know very well the damaging effect of disunity in a family. I come from a relatively huge, dynamic yet dysfunctional family... I shall always ask why? I remember vividly when my career almost came to an abrupt and predictable end in 2009no one was willing to chip in... it was through sheer primitive jealousy, i noted. But is it a problem that i went to school? Should i apologize for my intelligence? that i can not do and that i will not do! They just have to go to hell or somewhere near there and they get there they should forget about me for i need not their company anymore!
Forgiveness and reconciliation was never part of their vocabulary. i remember having made some silly mistake at home, it was on the 21st of September (World Peace Day-for Christ' sake), one of them launched a Hollywood style manhunt for typical of the one done by the United Stated against Osama Bin Laden or the one done by the Libyan rebels against Murmur Qaddafi.He even came to my work place(s) threatened to beat up everyone if they did not divulge where i was..

However i would like to applaud with delight, my mother whose blood runs through my veins, who exposed me to Christian values by sending me to a Christian university (Solusi University), where i learnt about the existence of Jesus Christ... i learnt that He is coming soon, to rule and administer justice over every human being... He will use the gold standard law of God, first articulated in the Garden of Eden, codified under Moses to the nation of Israel and revealed to all humanity through the bible...

I have no regrets in my life, for i know that everything happen for a reason (Ecclesiastes 3:1 ff) ... the hard times i am going through builds up ,mu character making me a much stronger person... i foresee a well knit future ... one day my life will be transformed...

By Sheunesu Reginald Mpofu
(Freelance Journalist, Human Rights Activist and Advocate for Political and Social Justice in Zimbabwe)